Patrice Mathews Teatro Imaginario

VG1007 Patrice Mathews
Teatro Imaginario
Scarlatti Sonatas
  1. Presto in A major, K24
  2. Allegro in F# minor, K25
  3. Allegro in D major, K119
  4. Allegro in E major, K135
  5. [Allegro] in E minor, K147
  6. Andante allegro in F major, K151
  7. Allegro in G major, K413
  8. Andante in D minor, K213
  9. Allegro in C major, K487
  10. Andante in F minor, K238
  11. Allegro in F minor, K239
  12. Allegro in C# minor, K247
  13. Allegro in A major, K268
  14. Allegro in E major, K531
  15. Allegro in A minor, K532

As soloist and chamber musician, Patrice Mathews is widely known in the field of Early Music, and her playing is noted for its fluency and emotional power. Mathews studied piano with Sylvia Ghiglieri, Witold Malcuzynski, Lilian Kallir and Lee Luvisi, and attended the Mannes College of Music in New York, where she freelanced as an accompanist. Her interest in Baroque music led her to the historically-informed San Francisco area. She studied harpsichord with John Gibbons and Laurette Goldberg while obtaining her master's degree from the San Francisco Conservatory. Teatro Imaginario is her first solo harpsichord recording.