VGo Recordings produces flamenco & classical guitar & world music.

VGo Recordings specializes in recording classical guitarists.

From recordings to editing to mastering. We do it all. We even offer photography and design services through our affiliate, Teresa Tam Studio

Please contact us if you have further questions regarding our recording services.

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Grisha Goryachev - flamenco guitar
Jerome Mouffe - classical guitar
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Steve Lin - classical guitar
Eliot Fisk - virtuoso classical guitar
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John Schneiderman - lute & guitar
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New Cyberian Systems - CD printing
Los Angeles Guitar Quartet
San Francisco Guitar Quartet
Santa Fe Guitar Quartet
Michael Bautista - classical guitar
Adam Levin - classical guitar
Scott Wolf - classical and flamenco guitar
Boston GuitarFest
Yuri Liberzon - classical gutiar
Theresa Calpotura - classical guitar
South Bay Guitar Society
Boston Classical Guitar Society
Steve Connor - luthier
Lex Von Sumayo - YouTube Channel
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The Lychees - website
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Cecilio Perera - classical guitar
Agave Baroque - Early Music Ensemble
Reginald Mobley - Countertenor