VGo Recordings produces flamenco & classical guitar & world music.

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Grisha Goryachev - flamenco guitar
Jerome Mouffe - classical guitar
Redmond O'Toole - guitar
Steve Lin - classical guitar
Eliot Fisk - virtuoso classical guitar
Boris Gaquere - Brazilian style guitarist
John Schneiderman - lute & guitar
Guitar Solo Publications GSP
Teresa Tam Studio - photography
New Cyberian Systems - CD printing
Los Angeles Guitar Quartet
San Francisco Guitar Quartet
Santa Fe Guitar Quartet
Michael Bautista - classical guitar
Adam Levin - classical guitar
Scott Wolf - classical and flamenco guitar
Boston GuitarFest
Yuri Liberzon - classical gutiar
Theresa Calpotura - classical guitar
South Bay Guitar Society
Boston Classical Guitar Society
Steve Connor - luthier
Lex Von Sumayo - YouTube Channel
Lex Von Sumayo - Facebook Page
Lex Von Sumayo - website
The Lychees - website
tango music downloads
Cecilio Perera - classical guitar
Agave Baroque - Early Music Ensemble